Terra Ignota | Sonic Islands

SONIC ISLANDS – Mirrored perceptions between Tierra del Fuego + Rügen
March and September 2023

SONIC ISLANDS focuses on the various auditory aspects of the TERRA IGNOTAproject and is part of TIF 2023/24. We are interested in the meaning of sound as a semantic system and as a form of artistic articulation. Questions about origin, identity, intercultural understanding but also about perception, legibility and interaction with the environment, social processes and structures beyond visually connoted reference systems are the subject of our joint research. Listening and making audible to stimulate changes of perspective in the process of artistic research and knowledge production as well as in communicating to an audience.

Instrumentalities | Common Grounds

Concert Lecture of the Sono-Choreographic Collective at the Grand Opening of the new Academy for Theatre and Digitality, Dortmund – 2nd of September 2023 & at the Impuls Festival für Neue Musik, Leipzig – 13th of October

In Instrumentalities the Sono-Choreographic Collective unpacks aspects of their artistic-scientific research Common Grounds. Scaling 20 years of hourly environmental data into 60 minutes, this participatory concert-lecture presents some of the methods developed for listening, sensing and understanding climate change from an embodied perspective. These include various sonic and somatic techniques that connect the planetary scale with individual and collective sensory scales of participants. The concert-lecture unfolds around a table that is a hybrid surface for discourse, policy, strategy, negotiation, communication and communion.

Whiskers in Space at Sensing the Unknown

Exhibition Sensing the Unknown,  part of  Chengdu Biennale Time Gravity

16/07/2023 – 22/11/2023 at Chengdu Contemporary Art Museum

Curator: Philipp ZieglerArtists: AATB, Ani Liu 艾多•福伊鲁/ 梅洛迪 •穆塞特, Edo Fouilloux & Mélodie Mousset 安娜•马南金娜, Anna Manankina 贝恩德•林德曼 / 德里克 •豪芬, Bernd Lintermann & Derek Hauffen, 丹尼尔·卡诺加 Daniel Canogar, ecoLogicStudio , 郭城 Guo Cheng, 金允哲 Yunchul Kim, 卡思汀·艾葛琴 Kerstin Ergenzinger, 克丽斯塔·佐梅雷尔/劳伦·米尼奥诺 Christa Sommerer & Larent Mignonneau, 林博彦 Lam Pok Yin, 林科 Lin Ke, 刘窗 Liu Chuang, 刘娃 Liu Wa, 马克·李/曲晓宇/谢尔文·萨雷米, Marc Lee & lris Qu Xiaoyu & Shervin Saremi 迈克尔·比利茨基/ 卡米拉·B.里希特, Michael Bielicky & Kamila B.Richter, Quadrature, 徐文恺 aaajiao, 宇宙万物 Universal Everything, 朱斯蒂娜·埃马尔 Justine Emard

Instrumentalities | Common Grounds

Concert Lecture of the Sono-Choreographic Collective at  “Have you tried turning it off and on again?” / Jahreskonferenz der Dramaturgischen Gesellschaft in Mühlheim Ruhr.

Titled Instrumentalities for Common Grounds, this participatory lecture-concert unpacks aspects of our work in Common Grounds, and presents some of the methods we developed for listening, sensing and understanding climate change from embedded perspectives. These include various scaling techniques that come together to establish what we call mental-mergings: Techniques that give access to sensing planetary phenomena and thus connecting the macro-global perspective with the microcosms of individual, somatic selves.

Terra Ignota field trip & forum

I am part of the just started Terra Ignota field trip of March  – 13 th of March and forum of March  – 17 th of March 23 at Tierra de Fuego Chile.

Here  you find more information and can follow our journey.

Terra Ignota Forum (TIF) is a field laboratory that seeks to develop and implement a contemporary archive on the so-called “intercultural contact zone” (Selk’nam, Kawesqar and Yagán) located in Yendegaia National Park (YNP). The project is deployed in two stages, the first is the continuation of our interdisciplinary research in the territory and field forum (2023). The process and research will be documented and published in different media, individual artistic projects developed further and presented in the second stage to the public beginning of 2024 at the Universidad de Magallanes, Punta Arenas.

Common Grounds

The development of the sound and light installation of our Common Grounds collaborative artistic and scientific research project that sonifies environmental data from the permafrost research will be presented and discussed at the AWI campus in Potsdam

See details here.

Expeditions In Specific Territories @liebig12 Berlin

A sharing from sensing + sense-making between Montevideo + Rostock

Saturday 14.05.2022
16h – 22h
Liebigstraße 12
10247 Berlin
U5 + M21 + M10 > FrankfurterTor

We share our work as a group of artists, researchers and urbanists from South America and Europe, who worked for two weeks in Montevideo and Rostock, reflecting on sound as a contextual phenomenon of urban space.

with: Florencia Curci (AR) Kerstin Ergenzinger (D) Cristian Espinoza (CL/UY) Fernando Godoy (CL) Nika Schmitt (NL) Rene Rissland (D) Lourdes Silva (UY) Carsten Stabenow (D) Pol Villasuso (UY) ZAGO (Eugenia González + Leonello Zambón) (AR)

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Height, Pace, Consistency

exhibition with Helene Appel and Pauline M’barek closing our shared Dorothea-Erxleben fellowships at the HBK Braunschweig

opening on the evening of the 1.2. with a concert performance of a new set of Playground#N from our Sono-Choreographic-Collective. Live but due to C-restriction only with a small group of invited participants.

exhibition times: 2.-18. 2. 22 from Mo–Fr: 14–18 Uhr Galerie der HBK Braunschweig (HBK Only)

External guest can make appointments with Sabine Maag:  veranstaltungen(at)

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Open Skies

parallel to the opening of Height, Pace, Consistency  Helene Appel, Pauline M´barek and I launched the publication Open Skies. It is the documentation of our seminar collaboration at the HBK Braunschweig that started during the summer semester 2020. Throughout the digital maze of the pandemic we worked on a cross-media, space- & site-specfic exhibition project. As a result in June 2021 the students worked together for 11 days on the area of the H_LLE Braunschweig closing with a public exhibition weekend  on the 26th and 27th of June.

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Whiskers in Space at Device_art 7.021

Whiskers in Space are part of the exhibition program of Device_art festival of art, robotics and new technologies at Museum of Contemporary art in Zagreb  by Kontejner.

As this year’s festival concept, “Machine Does Not Give Change” invites us to rethink our increasingly intimate relationship with technology in a time of constant unpredictability and profound changes. Device_art 7.021 is developed by Kontejner in collaboration with a group of curators from ZKM | Center for Art and Media from Karlsruhe and is conceived as a dialogue between the German and Croatian “device art” scene.

Expeditions in Specific Territory Rostock-Montevideo

Artistic Research Meeting by Sonic and Peripatetic Means in Dark Ecologies, Globalization and Crisis | MONTEVIDEO 2021 – ROSTOCK 2022

First expedition in Montevideo/Uruguay from November 1st – 14th. Participants: Kerstin Ergenzinger (DE), Nika Schmitt (DE/LU), Fernando Godoy (CL), Leonello Zambón (AR), Eugenia González (UY-AR), Lourdes Silva (UY), René Rissland (DE), Cristian Espinoza (CL/UY), Pol Villasuso (UY) and Carsten Stabenow (DE)

ongoing log:


9 Days 8 Nights

 9 Days 8 Nights

Sono-Choreographic Collective
Kerstin Ergenzinger & Bnaya Halperin-Kaddari & Kiraṇ Kumār
Exhibition: 2021:
Due to the current situation no “normal opening” will take place. We invite you to visit the exhibition in the presence of the artists:
August 30th from 4 – 7:30 pm
Further opening times during the exhibition time:
open daily 5:30 – 7.30 pm&on appointment
Performance: 7.9.21 at 7pm

sign, CIAT – Contemporary Institute for Art & Thought


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Unter Strom – Endmoräne

The Cosmic and the Affective  / Atuning-in Wind

new site-specific sonic experiment with differently tuned aeolian ‘string-drum-horns’  part of  Sono-Choreographic-Collective 

Opening | Samstag, 22. Juni 2019  15 Uhr  summer workshop 2019 and exhibition of Endmoräne e.V.
in the former Turbinenhalle at the Stienitzsee, Berliner Str. 13A, 15378 Rüdersdorf close to Berli

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ACTS OF ORIENTATION Salon der Ästhetischen Experimente @ Haus der Kulturen der Welt Berlin

Based on investigations on how to orientate oneself at the borderline of noise and signal (e.g. the installation “Navigating Noise“) and on the just released interdisciplinary publication “Navigating Noise” (ed. Nathanja van Dijk, Kerstin Ergenzinger, Sebastian Schwesinger and Christian Kassung), the Salon “Acts of Orientation” questions as well the notion of rhythm as a middle force between regularity and chaos as the role of gaps and lines in orientation processes such as sensing, recording, reconstructing, translating and interpreting.

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