The Cosmic and the Affective

Atuning-in Wind

Site-specific sonic intervention with differently tuned aeolian ‘String-Drum-Horns’ on the ground of the former Turbinenhalle at the Lake Stienitzsee in Rüdersdorf close to Berlin. The outdoor installation was realized during the summer workshop and exhibition Unter Strom of Endmoräne e.V. from June 10th until July 7th 2019.

The ‘String-Drum-Horns’ are tensed up with long wind sensitive bronze and nylon strings between the trees along the lakeside. In this site-specific constellation the strings resonated with the winds and turbulences coming from south-west, west, east and south-east. Material, length and tension of the strings extract and filter the frequencies and timbre of the sounds from the ambient aeolian noises. Which are subsequently amplified by the resonant tubes with their connected directional acoustic horns. With those instruments we explore possibilities to a-tune-in the subtle energies of the ambient noise of the winds, that defy control.

Collaboration Installation Sculpture Sound Work / 2019

Seven custom-made, tuned aeolian ‘String-Drum-Horns’ out of bronze instrumental wire, nylon strings, aluminium, plywood, glass fiber, epoxy and kite strings.

part of Sono-Choreographic-Collective with Bnaya Halperin-Kaddari and Kiran Kumar