Kerstin is a visual and sonic artist working across the fields of sculpture, sound, kinetics, light and drawing; often at the intersection to science, dance and music.

The inextricable relations between the body and the world, between perception and the perceived, between sensing and sense-making are central themes of my practice. Discontinuities in the perception of reality and the power of sub/liminal processes strongly inform how we feel and think with our body/minds – subsequently how we act.

Exploring how we orient and self-position ourselves in the world, inevitably leads me to a fundamental and poetic confrontation with what is given and what eludes itself, with technologies, with control and loss.

I use machines as media and instruments for conducting inquiries with regards to the world. They are subtle perceptual machines. With the tasks to register, to record and to transform, to make impulses perceivable in order to allow us to engage in a discussion about our experience of a jointly shared world.