I am a sonic and visual  artist working across the fields of sculpture, sound, kinetics, light and drawing.

The inextricable relations between the body and the world, between perception and the perceived, between sensing and sense-making are central themes of my practice.

© Lena Loose

Focusing on the complex polyphony of frequencies of perception and playing with materiality and thresholds of perception I use custom-made machines and instruments as media for conducting inquiries with regards to the world. They are subtle perceptual apparatuses. With the tasks to register, to record, to perform and to transform, to make impulses perceivable in order to proceed from the known towards the unknown and to create spaces both for intensifying our states of knowing and unknowing.

Rhythm and the sonic are carriers that are able to wander in-between different senses, mental modes, ways of thinking, and generating sense. In recent years I am especially  exploring divers ecologies of noise and possibilities of tuning into the differences of the world.

Essential  part of my practice  is an inter- and cross-disciplinary exchange and I am  frequently involved in collaborative research projects  at the intersection to science, dance and music:

Together with Bnaya Halperin-Kaddari and Kiran Kumar, I co-founded,  the Sono-Choreographic-Collective, for transdisciplinary art and research. We develop and explore new somatic and musical research instruments together with alternative ways of playing, writing and interdisciplinary choreography.

Together with Nathanja van Dijk and Thom Laepple I co-founded the independent cross-disciplinary research project Acts of Orientation, that addresses the need for alternative means of orientation to deal with noise and to understand and (re)establish our unstable position within a highly technologized, mediated, and globalized reality. One of its outcomes is the the volume Navigating Noise (Walther König, Berlin): a collection of academic and artistic contributions.

From 2016-2019, parallel to my fellowship project RhythmicTextures at the Berlin Center of Advanced Studies of the University of the Arts Berlin, I worked with the quantum-optical research project nuClock ,where we engaged in a dialog around the materiality of time, noise and precision.

Since April 2023 I teach as Jun.-Prof. for Acoustic Ecologies and Sound Studies at the Bauhaus University Weimar.