Polysensorial Navigations

23.11.2020 –  Studiovisit Salon Digital

Online as part of the University of the Arts Bremen series of salon-style gatherings titled “Spectacle: Reenactments in the Arts, Design, Science and Technology.”

Processes of worldmaking are closely connected with our human physical and technological conditionality, both with control and loss, confronting us with what is given and what eludes itself, together with what is taken or destroyed. How do we orient ourselves, how do we self-position and how do we navigate these fluid domains in relation to other human and non-human life forms, phenomena and agents ? These questions address limits of our human perception and comprehension, both in relation to conceptions and presences of natural phenomena and their vibrations and signals, to life-ness as such and to an expanded notion of ecology.

The inextricable relations between the body and the world, between perception and the perceived, between sensing and sense-making are central themes of my practice. Here I follow a special interest in sensual and instrumental sensing and sense-making, and focus on the complex multiplicity or polyphony of the frequencies of perception that inform our fluid worldmaking; subsequently how we relate to our surroundings and how we act.

During this studio visit I would like to share parts of my poly-sensorial listening and drawing practice and ways I play with materialities and thresholds of perception together with possibilities of tuning into the differences of the world. Is it possible to establish a shared sensory disposition to proceed from the known towards the unknown and to create spaces both for intensifying our states of knowing and unknowing? How about rhythm and the sonic, can they act as carriers that are able to wander in-between different senses, mental modes, ways of thinking, and generating sense?