Paper in Leonardo Journal 52-1

A paper by Kerstin Ergenzinger appears in the current print edition of Leonardo Magazine. The article ‘Nubis et Nuclei: A Study on Noise and Precision’ describes the research and development of what would later become her work Pluvial.

Volume 52 | Issue 1 | February 2019

This study sets out to explore the perception of noise, as well as the relation toward meaning or information that it might contain, in arts, science and daily life. It is realized as an installation based on a suspended cloud of nitinol drums that create a sonic environment evolving in time and space. Digital random noise drives the instruments. Roaming freely and listening, visitors become part of an ecology of noise. As visitors explore differing regions in time and space, what appears to be noise can shift to a “meaningful” signal. This process of discovering a clear signal in a noisy background holds strong analogies to the scientific search for a nuclear resonance performed in the nuClock project.