What if it won´t stop here?

New work Pluvial & Condensed Time at the show What if it won´t stop here?

Vernissage: October 18, 7pm
Running: October 18–31, 2018


Book with my collaborative chapter: on rhythmanalysis with Elenie Ikoniadou

Archive kabinett
Müllerstraße 133
13349 Berlin


What if it won´t stop here?

“…What if it keeps on getting worse? Talking back to dire realities is a pressing task. Yet, for critical art and thinking to stay alive, they also need to loosen the stranglehold. Stretching the limits of time and space with artistic means could defy the paralyzing pressure the endgame logic exerts, and recalibrate the senses. Time ripples when the beat breaks to the tune of: “Stop now, what’s that sound, everybody look what’s going down…”

Artists: Marco Donnarumma, Kerstin Ergenzinger, Lisa Glauer, Bnaya Halperin-Kaddari, Darsha Hewitt, Nino Klingler, Kiran Kumar, Clarissa Thieme and Zeynep Tuna.

Curated by Jan Verwoert

Pluvial is a sonic environment consisting of new kinetic and digitally controlled string drums. Organized in a cloud-like mobile structure and suspended from the ceiling, Pluvial addresses your listening body and invites you to follow the acoustic and tactile dr/tones and rhythms.

Condensed Time is a series of new foldings and prints.


Book launch: on October 28, 5pm, the publication What if it won’t stop here? edited by Daniel Pies and Jan Verwoert, designed by Nienke Terpsma, is released by Archive Books and addressed in a roundtable with the artists.

The book includes my collaborative chapter: on rhythmanalysis with Elenie Ikoniadou with the essay: What is Rhythm and What Can it Do? by Eleni Ikoniadou embedded in a “page-tailored” continuum of two generative thermal prints, Spacetime Poetry on rhythmananlysis, excuted by two Wanderers and joint by the counterpoint of the Timekeeper footprint – 72 days Shanghai. The roles are complemented by a selection of 3D surface texture renderings, Sensing the Gap – meta.