Navigating Noise, Possible Music

Artist Talk by Kerstin Ergenzinger: Acts of Orientation – on sonic surroundings and tactile rhythms & Book presentation by Julia Eckhardt (ed.):Grounds for Possible Music: on gender, voice, language, and identity, Errant Bodies Press 2018

Tuesday, November 20th 19:30h

Errant Sound
Kollwitzstrasse 97
10435 Berlin

Artist Talk:
Departure point of this evening’s talk is my long-term investigation on how to orientate oneself at the borderline of noise and signal. I aim to present selected tactile-kinetic installations and sculptural sense organs in relation to recent sonic surroundings like “Navigating Noise” and the new work “Pluvial”. Along the way I will present parts of the just released collaborative chapter with Eleni Ikoniadou “on rhythmanalysis” in “What if it won´t stop here?”, ed. Daniel Pies and Jan Verwoert Berlin: Archive Books 2018 and connect to the idea of rhythm, that vibrates in the gaps as a middle force between regularity and chaos, and to the role of gaps and lines in orientation processes such as sensing (walking, touching, listening, observing…), recording, reconstructing, translating and interpreting.

Book Presentation:
How do we get to imagine the music we make? Where and how is it grounded? What is the relationship between the art and its maker, and what and who does music represent?
Gender, voice, language, and identity are four important notions for musical creation, for the shaping of a canon, and for the interactions in the field. All four notions are strongly contextual and carry an inherent sense of paradigm and otherness. Other and self are defined via orientation and history, expressed via voice, and confirmed in language. In this publication, these four core notions serve as a set of lenses permitting different perspectives on one another. However much the field of the sounding arts might pretend to be tangential to such affections, they provide important grounds for musical creation.