Please listen with headphones or nice speakers, espcially the spintop recordings include low-frequencies.

A Lullaby played electromagnetically and acoustically on  a Double-Row Spintop from new family of instrument  with Sono-Choreographic-Collective . 2020


A  Song of  a Cymbal Spintop acoustically induced by its spinning tip on the ground together with the  decending beats of its electromagnetically sonified rpm/revolutions per minute. 2020


Whistleblowers, site-specific sound installation, electroacoustic, aeolian string drum horns, with Sono-Choreographic-Collective. Mix of live-recording single instrument and AI generated sonification of Whistleblower sourc texts and edited myth of King Midas. Dystopia Sound Art Festival Berlin. 2020


Exerpts of the sonic outdoor installation The Cosmic and Affective A-tuning In Wind with seven differently tuned aeolian string-drum-horn at Stienitzsee Turbinenhalle Rüdersdorf. 2019


Exerpt Choregraphing The Gaze practise and performance instruction of Sono-Choreographic Collective, Moving Sound Aligned Workshop 2018.


Exerpt Studio Sound-Gaze performance with amplified sculpture and long strings of Sono-Choreographic Collective, recording without spacial sound. Moving Sound Aligned Workshop 2018.


Exerpt Playground#4 performance of  Sono-Choreographic Collective recording without spacial sound. Open Studio Night, Gerichtshöfe Berlin 2019.


Pluvial recording excerpt of of the sono-tactile architecture and sculptural spatial installation. bpart/loop space for contemporary art Berlin 2019.


Listening to Spacetime Poetry a performative concerts with a selection of the custom-prepared thermal printers called Wanderes. Experpt of live-recording at Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin 2018.


Navigating Noise  recording excerpt of the sonic architecture and poetic exploration of the means of orientation in space through sound and movement. Schering Stiftung Berlin 2015.


Rotes Rauschen recording excerpt the sculptural sense organ. Oboro Montreal 2014.


Whiskers in Space recording excerpt the sculptural sense organ. Oboro Montreal 2014.


keingradwestundkeingradost  a space-related lightinstallation with custom-made drawing machine. recording excerpt of microphoned installation architecture without spacial sound, Kunsthalle Lund 2006.


Navigating Noise  recording excerpt Sequence different Scenes

Navigating Noise  recording excerpt Sequence 8 min in installation un-cut

Klangbeispiel Kunst am Bau Wolfgang Borchert Schule Spandau