Listening to Spacetime Poetry

Listening to Spacetime Poetry are performative concerts with a selection of the custom-prepared thermal printers called Wanderes. In the concerts the hidden sonic layers of the units are picked-up and played back as single channels into the space. The controlling algorithm is taylored for the performances: playing with changing speeds and point of returns, the units print the unique scores of each particular performed piece of spacetime.

During the concerts the space is darkend, only the moving LEDs of the printers visually mark their lines.

Performance Sound Work / since 2017/2018

custom-prepared thermal printers, custom-made electronics, thermal paper, omni-microphone-pickups, 1 speaker per thermalprinter and microphone

The explorations of the hidden sonic and rhythmic layers of the installation and the concerts “Listening to Spacetime Poetry” are part of my research project “Rhythmic Textures” 2016-2018, funded by Einstein Foundation Berlin and realized with the support of the Graduate School at the Berlin University of the Arts.