“Ortsflüchtig” is an interactive, performative installation or sculptural performance for a solo dancer, a live controlled kinetic installation and live generated electronic sound.

Departing point for the musical compositions and variations is Daniel Williams intense examination of Monteverids L ́Orfeo. The permeable, kinetic sculptural installation, created by installation and media artist Kerstin Ergenzinger, is stage set as well as performing counterpart for the dancer and choreographer Johanna Roggan. A new and constantly changing space within space for dance, music and audience at the same time. An invitation to think up, to imagine and to affect ones-own different spaces.

Johanna Roggan and Kerstin Ergenzinger worked on an augmented dance form between a dancing body and the ambiguous physical and technological presence of an animated kinetic sculpture. The sculpture changes roles between: a spatial fragment or an architectural element and an organic residual or physical/body part, between a machine and an animistic being. The interplay between the dancer and the wireless controlled augmented sculpture varies between serving and controlling, refusing and embracing, playing and fighting, rigor, tenderness and fusion.

The choreography evolves within in the triangle of dance, kinetic sculpture and music and is based both on a red line of motives (kinesthetically and musically) and on a setting of atmospheres and scenes in between which improvisation plays a pivotal role. During the performance the artists try to weave a rhythmic texture that kinesthetically and acoustically resonates within the audience.

Collaboration Performance Sculpture Work / 2015-2016

custom-made mechanics out of: carbon, epoxy, polymer friction bearing, aluminum, stepper motor, strings, weights, pulleys, custom-made hard- and software

Commissioned sculpture for an interactive performance installation

with Johanna Roggan and the guts company


choreography & dance: Johanna Roggan
space-light concept, kinetic installation & live interaction:
Kerstin Ergenzinger
sound live: Daniel Williams
hard- and software: Thom Laepple
dramaturgy: Célestine Hennermann
light: Severin Beyer, Falk Dittrich
head of production: Dana Bondartschuk
documentation: Benjamin Schindler
production of the guts company

Kulturstiftung des Freistaates Sachsen,
Landeshauptstadt Dresden – Amt für Kultur und Denkmalschutz,
Kulturstiftung Dresden der Dresdner Bank