Room Tunings

‘Room Tunings’ is a site-specific, time-based sono-choreographic environment in which a room is tuned to its own modes by measuring its acoustic resonance peaks. These measurements reveal peak frequencies, points in the sonic spectrum that are amplified by the room’s architecture and dimensions, that when aggregated construct a site-specific musical mode. Within this mode, a specific number of hexachords are composed and played through a ring of site-specific instruments along the walls. This number corresponds to the duration of the environment such that in a sequence, one chord is played per day of the installation. Particular place as temporal experience

‘Room Tunings: sign CIAT’ was initially conceived for the inner room of the Contemporary Institute for Art and Thought in Berlin; the environment is transposable to other spaces under suitable conditions for design and installation.

Collaboration Installation Sound / 2021

Develeped and realized for the first time as part of '9days8nights', an exhibition that invited to inhabit instruments for poetic measurement of plural durations of being.

Room Tunings is a collaborative work of  the Sono-Choreographic Collective : Bnaya Halperin-Kaddari, Kerstin Ergenzinger & Kiran Kumar

Commissioned by the Contemporary Institute for Art and Thought (CIA&T)
Funded by VG Bild-Kunst